Rossler’s Blue Cord BBQ Makes Green Grass Grow

13754119_582490885266086_5805513884664074694_nThey say everything is bigger in Texas, so when you think of the lonestar state, size should certainly come to mind. Big trucks, ten gallon hats, wide open lands, football, and BBQ. Steven Rossler stays true to his Texas roots and has zeroed in on passion – BBQ’ing for the folks of Killeen, Texas. Currently, he’s still an Active Duty NCO assigned to the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) at Fort Hood, helping Soldiers either transition out of the Army or fight to be deemed fit for duty. The WTU is a unit that the Army established for wounded soldiers; whether that is combat related, self-inflicted, or just a series of unfortunate events. So, with multiple combat deployments and corresponding awards to signify his acts of service, Rossler is an ideal man for that position nearing the end of his career.

Rossler is a humble man who counts his blessings. After 16 years as an Infantryman, he’s learned a thing or two about accountability and time management. There’s a struggle of balance that’s expected when you’re a husband, father, soldier and 20464503_1974664872810052_759864903_nPitmaster. Lucky for him, he has a unit that supports his future endeavors and a family that’s there by his side. Many combat arms veterans struggle with finding a career path that has as much job satisfaction as gunfights and explosions but after being told by several buddies that his brisket was better than any restaurant they had ever been too , it seemed his post Army career path had found him. Rossler’s Blue Cord BBQ is veteran owned and family operated. His wife and daughter help with logistics, prepping, cooking, and delivery while his parents even come in to lend a hand on the big catering events. It’s clear that the successful transition from slinging meat and sauce instead of bullets and ordnance is accompanied by the opportunity to catch up on time with his family that was previously forfeited to deployments and training cycles.

Rossler may be a man of few words, but he prefers to let the BBQ do his talking. Word of mouth and a growing following on social media to solidify the quality of his food has people calling in to request brisket, pork shoulder, ribs and all the classic side dishes. If you know anything about Texas BBQ you can immediately imagine the smoky goodness that juicy brisket will bring you after scrolling through the thumbnails. The mobility of his offset stick burner allows Steven to be able to move his business by the needs of his family. After his service he will continue to serve the Texas community with smoked BBQ in the small town of Marble Falls in the Hill County.

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