DOC SPARTAN: Hometown Veteran Buying Back the Block

Dale King started off as a Military Intelligence Officer attached to the 10th Special Forces Group, with a military lineage embedded in his DNA. After his time in service to his country he returned to his hometown of Portsmouth, in southern Ohio to begin his pursuit of local service. Which he argues creates more of an impact and I tend to agree. He personifies the mentality that providing for your team and family far exceeds the selfish greed of trying to make it big. He cleverly states that the mindset needed is “mission first, people always.” With that in mind, he has set his sights on uplifting the 2nd poorest county in Ohio one block at a time.

An entrepreneur in fitness was his first avenue into the business world. He opened up Portsmouth Spartans Kettlebell Club (PSKC) Crossfit to help employ locals and increase the awareness of a healthy mind and body. The local gyms were not cutting it any longer, largely due to his new fascination with kettlebells and not having enough space for his workout routines. An abandoned warehouse appeared like a weapons cache and a growing community was then established in August of 2010. Like many successful businessmen, people are placed into their lives to either help distract or encourage; Renee Wallace was the latter. They conjured up the idea of an all natural ointment to help aid their fellow fitness enthusiasts’ battle wounds. That idea went national when the producers of CNBC’s Shark Tank approached them to come on the show and pitch their product to a panel of business experts and walked away with a prosperous deal. Since the show aired they’ve seen exponential growth and have had a multitude of doors open for them.


Dale continues to have a “mission first” mentality and wants to spread his product across the country but with his hometown in his forethought, as he hopes to build a small facility in Portsmouth to manufacture the Doc Spartan product and lower the area’s unemployment statistics. Once that feat is accomplished he will land a stable contract with a major retailer to sell his product. With the recent announcement to open sales to veterans with honorable discharges, its no surprise to hear that AAFES is in his crosshairs. A veteran owned and operated business, selling products made in the U.S.A bleeds red, white and blue just as much as his American flag ranger panties – that he’s proudly becoming famous for. He is the face for his product with a luscious beard to prove the quality and that’s what his intention is; to provide a personal connection through a local market transaction.

Dale aids in the composition of the veterans’ mentality that we want to emulate. He places service before self and has a dying thirst for knowledge and meaningful impact. His leadership in the military has successfully prepared him to take on the civilian sector, and as the leader of his own company his philosophy is simple: train the trainer, lead by action, be an open book and inspire. He understood he would need direction himself to fully grasp the idea of owning his own business and he stated the book ‘Dream Year’ had a huge impact on him making the leap into his passions and he highly recommends it. Not being limited to owning a Crossfit gym and an all natural first aid ointment, Dale likes to share his journey and ideas with fellow veterans. You can learn more about his story of success and train of thought by listening to his podcast Glock & Doc on iTunes or Google Play.

Visit his website to view the products, read testimonials, and to get in contact with him.






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