REBRAND: Finding Our Way



When Black Coffee Response began in the winter of 2016, the mission wasn’t a far cry from where we are today. We wanted to create an outlet for ourselves to recognize veterans doing well in a time when more often than not, veterans represented in the media are not a shining example of what we are capable of. What started as a way to voice our opinion quickly evolved into something that was received by our peers and a concept that was welcomed into social media feeds, which would have otherwise been flooded with the content we were attempting to disrupt.

When we began discussing the future of the project, we started vigorously tearing away layers, reevaluating practices and taking a hard look at what we had accomplished, what we still wanted to do and whether we liked what we were doing enough to continue the conversation.


What you need to know:

  • The website will be redesigned but articles will remain untouched.
  • We are currently shopping and designing merchandise as requested by many.
  • We have a slew of companies, organizations and individuals in the chute who we will be releasing articles about as well as regular smaller releases on social media.

Since we launched 2 years ago, BCR grew a great deal and we have evolved as individuals and as a team. This rebrand is a product of that growth and the positive feedback we received from our peers and total strangers alike. The thought of rebranding is intimidating in that you can’t be sure that your new image will resonate with your original audience. However, it is our hope that this will be a non-issue as we continue to offset the negativity surrounding veterans in the media in a creative presentation. We’re not GM maneuvering around bankruptcy nor are we Phillip Morris finding cover and concealment from controversy. We adopted a new name and image that better articulates who we are and what we bring to the table and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are. Welcome to the Dead Reckoning Collective.



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