DRC & CIVIL SAVAGE Team Up To Aid Veteran Transition

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Civil Savage to take on Run Ranger Run. This is a team event that takes place over the month of February and we will be collectively covering 565 miles. All proceeds raised go directly to Gallant Few’s programs targeted to assist veterans successfully transition out of the military and into the civilian world.

“The GallantFew is not your typical Veteran support group.  Where some programs make Veterans look like fragile and broken people the GallantFew make us look like the strong group of people we all know we are.  Also the idea of putting people together to help guide each other is something that many people would rather not do because of the simple logistics of getting two people together.  You guys have done it and showed how well it works.

Aaron King, President, Eastern Florida State College Collegiate Veterans Society



If you can’t commit to starting or joining a team and participating yourself, please donate to our team and keep up with our efforts. Once February hits you’ll be seeing more content on our social media tracking our miles covered and information regarding services provided by Gallant Few.


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