Top 10 Christmas List Ideas for 2017

There are a few pretty simple rules that comes with the holiday season. Try to start your shopping early, never mention your Aunt Janice’s 7th divorce to her newest boyfriend and always pretend to like the gifts you receive from family members who aren’t really interested in what interests you. Unfortunately, this almost always occurs when you’re told to make a list and you say “I don’t need anything” or something to that effect. Well, none of us “need” most of the stuff we get for Christmas but if you don’t make a Christmas List of desirable items you can’t really complain when the most effort someone makes in getting you a meaningful gift is one of those “Tattooed and bearded employed soldier who likes whiskey, bacon and coffee but is also tactical on the weekend” T-shirts from some bunk Facebook ad; Thanks, Aunt Janice!
So make a list or roll the dice. Each of these (mostly) practical items is the product of a veteran owned business and we think you’d be lucky to find even one of them under the tree.

  1. Recon Rings ‘Men’s First Full Collection’ / ‘Women’s First Full Collection’
    Get the entire First Full Collection of Men’s or Women’s Rings (they also have a couples package.) One size, all FOUR colors, all awesome. With all four you can pick the ring to match the day or change whenever you need to adapt to your environment.


  2. Slate Operations ‘Hunstman Flannel’
    These guys have come a long way from slinging t-shirts and silkies. They still have those available but get some of this quality outerwear and gear while you can as it’s known to fly off the shelves. 15% off T-Shirts and Flannels this weekend (Dec 9-10, 2017) and starting Saturday they’ll be including a laser engraved ornament with the first 50 orders.


  3. Doc Spartan ‘Man Care Bundle’ / ‘Badass Mom Bundle’
    Save yourself some money with these bundle packages with some of the best Doc Spartan products. You’ll be smelling great, feeling smooth, and ready for whatever shenanigans you and your buddies get into with the Hygiene Bundle by Doc Spartan.


  4. Snake Farm ‘Boom Stick’
    Rediscover your angst filled youth or pick up a new mode of transportation with the Boom Stick. Snake Farm is a U.S. Special Operations Veteran owned Skateboarding company specializing in premium quality skate apparel. Although the “Crew” spawns from different walks of life, each member shares a similar vision in the development of a respected brand and the promotion of a revolutionary lifestyle. Regardless if you’re a person who just got your first board today or are the king of your local skate park, this Blue-collar skate brand will bridge that gap.  These boards are Made in America from natural maple with a standard concave shape.IMG_7205_590x
    SOFLETE Basic Program
    It wasn’t always like this. Maybe it was an injury. Maybe it was your work schedule. Maybe life just got in the way. Somewhere along the line, a week turned into a month, turned into a year. It’s time to get after it. No more excuses. The SOFLETE Basic program delivers workouts tailored to you, right to your phone, as well as access to SOFLETE Coaches and the SOFLETE Community. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re getting back at it, Signing up is the first step. The Basic program focuses on 3 foundational strength movements and conditioning work, combined with warm up, cool down, and breathing work.

    SOFLETE Nutrition Program

    The SOFLETE Nutrition Program provides you with:
    -Individualized calorie and macronutrient targets based on your current stats and personal goals
    -Individualized recipes for 3 meals and 2 snacks each day to reach those goals -Grocery list for each weeks recipes
    -Access to SOFLETE Dietitians
    -Access to the SOFLETE Nutrition Community
    sofletenutritionSOFLETE SupplementsPre-Workout:
    The only Pre Workout unwittingly designed by SOCOM, SOFLETESOFLETE_COMBO_2_F-B_800x Pre Workout is a stimulant free, energy enhancing formula that delivers a sustained energy pump without jitters or itchiness.
    Teddy Bear Night Night:
    The SOFLETE HQ crew formulated Teddy Bear Night Night, a night time recovery and sleep aid formula to help put you down hard and aid in workout recovery throughout the night. With 1g HMB, 1g Glycine, and 3.5mg of Melatonin you’ll be out shortly after your head hits the pillow, and 18g of Casein protein will keep your night time regeneration on point while you rest.

  6. Tango Charlie Apparel ‘Smooth Sea Hoody’


  7.  Veteran Made Woodworks ‘Old Glory’
    A rustic yet elegant wooden flag.  All handmade with individually cut pieces nailed to a sturdy frame, stained, and torched for that rustic-charred style.  Then finished with 3 or more coats of high gloss poly for protection and shine that will last a lifetime. A perfect complement to any room where you can show your American pride and patriotism proudly!
  8. Sword & Plough ‘Men’s Leather Belt’
    Ditch the “I’m on a weekend pass from basic training” get up and put your rigger’s belt away until it’s actually appropriate attire. Here is a big boy belt from Sword & Plough and a handcrafted leather belt is something every grown up should have in their wardrobe. Sword & Plough belts are constructed from 8oz bridle leather and solid brass buckles. Choose from a rich brown leather and antiqued brass buckle or black leather and nickel matte buckle.
  9. Memorial Wraps ‘Custom Wraps’
    Honor someone special in your life that laid down their life during the course of duty. Work with us to create a design and a 5 x 7 Memorial Placard.  Turn around time will depend on the complexity of your design.  We will contact you directly via email to start the design process….starting from the color of the wraps, cord and the embroidery art. Hand-made by Veterans in the U.S.A.
  10. Praetorian Ventures ‘Bastard Bat’
    Tired of Nazis ruining your day. Clean up the scum with the Praetorian Basterd bat. Aldo the Apache would be honored if you joined the Basterds to help take down the Third Reich. Made from American ash wood. Our Basterd is not a toy or a cheesy prop bat, this is pure American Badassery.

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