John Copeland – Becoming Vigilant After Being Invincible

Generally, people come into one another’s lives in some sort of calculated fashion, rarely is it by chance. Most of us don't realize the significance of their presence until some kind of mutual hardship or simple personal endeavor is had. It's difficult for me to relate to most people of my age because I have walked an unbeaten path, been lost, and found... Continue Reading →


DOC SPARTAN: Hometown Veteran Buying Back the Block

Dale King started off as a Military Intelligence Officer attached to the 10th Special Forces Group, with a military lineage embedded in his DNA. After his time in service to his country he returned to his hometown of Portsmouth, in southern Ohio to begin his pursuit of local service. Which he argues creates more of... Continue Reading →

One Year Ago

One year ago we decided to forge a new path for ourselves. The goal was not to get rich or to change the world, but to present a different viewpoint and to give a voice to those who deserve to be heard. Because our livelihood depends on a variety of other ventures, there were many... Continue Reading →

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