Veteran Journalist “Making Up For Lost Time” – Interview With Adam Linehan

As a generation of social media, it’s fairly easy for someone to pick up a pen and paper or hit the keyboard to get information out to the world. There’s no limit to the topics and stories you can cover but the old principle “write what you know” hasn’t fallen on deaf ears with veteran... Continue Reading →


SPIN: Suicide Prevention & Interdiction Network

With most issues there is often little to no grey area considered by the average reader. It’s this way or it’s that way and you’re not even a bigot or a hippie if your views fall outside the broadcasted sides; you’re just crazy. I try to embrace what makes sense to me and play devil’s advocate... Continue Reading →

American Barbell Club

Getting out of the military is a bittersweet experience for many reasons. There are several things that usually need to happen right away when one ends their time on active duty, plus a couple more if you’re coming back from an OCONUS duty station. Right along with securing food, shelter and employment to sustain the first... Continue Reading →

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