PODCAST EP 06: Mike Steadman [Founder of Ironbound Boxing Academy]

Listen on Anchor Listen on iTunes On our 6th episode, we talk with Mike Steadman about his path to the Naval Academy, his time as a Marine Infantry Officer and the internship at St Benedict’s Prep School in Newark, New Jersey that lead to the birth of the Ironbound Boxing Academy. Mike talks about the... Continue Reading →


Rossler’s Blue Cord BBQ Makes Green Grass Grow

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so when you think of the lonestar state, size should certainly come to mind. Big trucks, ten gallon hats, wide open lands, football, and BBQ. Steven Rossler stays true to his Texas roots and has zeroed in on passion - BBQ’ing for the folks of Killeen, Texas. Currently,... Continue Reading →

FILM REVIEW: Citizen Soldier

Citizen Soldier is far from the first of its kind but that’s not to say that it brings nothing new to the table. Much like Restrepo and its sequel, Korengal, Citizen soldier is a documentary that follows a platoon from the 45th Infantry Division through their 2011 deployment to Afghanistan. During this deployment, the division... Continue Reading →

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