PODCAST EP 06: Mike Steadman [Founder of Ironbound Boxing Academy]

Listen on Anchor Listen on iTunes On our 6th episode, we talk with Mike Steadman about his path to the Naval Academy, his time as a Marine Infantry Officer and the internship at St Benedict’s Prep School in Newark, New Jersey that lead to the birth of the Ironbound Boxing Academy. Mike talks about the... Continue Reading →


Breaking Ranks-How you can have a Happy Memorial Day

"The dead know only one thing; it is better to be alive.” -Full Metal Jacket It's Memorial Day, 2018. No doubt the social media sphere has been inundated with all manner of content expressing this fact. From the confused veterans replacing their profile pics with a 30-year-old boot camp portrait, to the “more enlightened” vets... Continue Reading →

Silkies: Essential Gear You May Be Missing

This may not be so much an informational review, but rather more of an endorsement.  In conversation the other day, we realized that some newer generations of warfighters may be amiss to a very special item which really should be included in everything we do.  It’s a unique piece of kit, which supports, motivates, enables... Continue Reading →

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