PODCAST EP 08: Jordan Laird [SVT Creative LLC/Kinetic Syndicate]

Listen on iTunes Listen on Anchor In this episode we welcome Jordan Laird. Jordan talks about his time as a Marine Scout Sniper and his failure to make arrangements that allowed a smooth transition out of the Marine Corps. Although he has made mistakes that have severely impacted his life and others, he has taken... Continue Reading →


PODCAST EP 07: Meaghan Mobbs & Johnny Peddicord [Founders of Kinetic Syndicate]

Listen on: iTunes Anchor We hit some heavy issues in this episode as we are joined by Meaghan Mobbs and (returning guest and new collaborator) Johnny Peddicord. We talk about some of the pitfalls in the veteran community and what Kinetic Syndicate, the brainchild of Johnny and Meaghan is doing to challenge that. In addition... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Christmas List Ideas for 2017

There are a few pretty simple rules that comes with the holiday season. Try to start your shopping early, never mention your Aunt Janice's 7th divorce to her newest boyfriend and always pretend to like the gifts you receive from family members who aren't really interested in what interests you. Unfortunately, this almost always occurs... Continue Reading →

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