REBRAND: Finding Our Way

  When Black Coffee Response began in the winter of 2016, the mission wasn’t a far cry from where we are today. We wanted to create an outlet for ourselves to recognize veterans doing well in a time when more often than not, veterans represented in the media are not a shining example of what... Continue Reading →

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Podcast Episode 01: Johnny “GRIFTER” Peddicord

[CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON ITUNES] [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON ANCHOR] In our first episode we welcome Johnny “Grifter” Peddicord on the show and discuss transition, growth and the counter productive culture many post 9/11 veterans tend to cling to. Johnny is a former Recon Marine/Private Military Contractor and is a current Pre-Law student... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Christmas List Ideas for 2017

There are a few pretty simple rules that comes with the holiday season. Try to start your shopping early, never mention your Aunt Janice's 7th divorce to her newest boyfriend and always pretend to like the gifts you receive from family members who aren't really interested in what interests you. Unfortunately, this almost always occurs... Continue Reading →

On the Grind in the Great White North

Without lacking notoriety, versatility or ferocity, the Canadian Armed Forces are a considerably smaller fighting force in comparison their coalition partners in the United States.  Because of this, sometimes their veteran neighbors south of the border receive more attention in the entrepreneurial efforts, as U.S. veterans pioneer different areas of business while serving and after... Continue Reading →

Toor Knives: Brothers and Bladesmiths

If you close your eyes and imagine a workshop occupied by a Ranger and two Marines it would probably look a lot like the place that Cameron, Connor and Jeremy design and forge their custom blades. There are several polyester flags on the wall, which reflect the different paths of military service of each employee,... Continue Reading →

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