• Other than publishing books, how do you support veteran writers?
    • DRC hosts and sponsors different events, such as poetry readings and concerts to promote veteran literacy to the military community as well as to the public. Peer writers’ groups, courses, and workshop opportunities are other physical and remote events, which are placed as high priority for our followers.

  • Why do you guys run pre-orders instead of stocking certain items?
    • Pre-orders make it possible for us to create an exclusive item or package for our customers and to ensure the people receiving it truly want that item. Also, DRC is not a clothing company and will never be one, merchandising is a means to an end. As an independent publication, our creative projects fund themselves and future endeavors.


  • Submission Guidelines:

    • Submissions must be sent to submissions@deadreckoningco.com

      • Size 12, Double Spaced, Times New Roman

      • Subject Line: MANUSCRIPT

      • Body of E-Mail must include:

        • Personal message & proposal

        • 2 passages (or 5 poems) from the work submitted.

  • What is your publishing process?

    • At this time, DRC only accepts complete manuscripts.

    • Submit word document to submissions@deadreckoningco.com

    • Manuscript is reviewed by the Acquisition Team. 

    • Forwarded to Managing Editor for final approval.

    • Upon approval, the Managing Editor discusses the project’s goals and intentions with the author.

    • A book contract will be negotiated and signed prior to DRC officially taking on the project.

    • Production and marketing plan will be a collaborative effort between author and DRC.

  • If my manuscript is not chosen for publication, what should I do?

    • Keep writing and keep reading; a good writer can’t be great without doing both of these things voraciously.  The reason for the rejection of a manuscript is not limited to the quality or substance of a piece of writing.

  • Do you only publish the work of veterans?

    • Yes. At this time, DRC only accepts military veterans as clients although the work does not have to pertain to military experience.

  • “My book has just been published through _____ Publishing House (or self-published), will you help me promote it?”

    • Congratulations on your success, but no, and here is why: we have a small dedicated team responsible for accommodating our own clients and their literary work. While we are excited about other veterans becoming published authors, promotion is something you need to look at when you look at a potential relationship with a publisher. If we’re not selling books, we’re failing our clients.  As much as we would like to help everyone, we have to remain accountable to our own authors first.


  • Can I get some feedback on my writing?

    • Absolutely, but it might be a little while. If you’re interested in publishing, follow the submission guidelines, but if you’re just interested in getting some constructive criticism we have a Facebook group for that purpose. We also regularly host educational opportunities like one day courses and month long workshops to help develop your skill as a writer in a particular genre.