Dead Reckoning Collective is a veteran owned and operated publishing company. Our mission encourages literacy as a component of a positive lifestyle. Although DRC only publishes the written work of military veterans, the intention of closing the divide between civilians and veterans is held in the highest regard. By sharing these stories it is our hope that we can help to clarify how veterans should be viewed by the public and how veterans should view themselves.



Keith Dow is a proud father and a born New Englander, who has been writing ever since he could hold a pen. He spent 5 years on active duty in the US Army before being honorably discharged in 2013. He is currently completing his MSW and engages in a variety of advocacy and educational efforts to help veterans. 

Tyler Carroll was born into a military family and reluctantly enlisted after a failed attempt at college. After being a Medic for US Army, he has since obtained a Bachelor’s in Business and is working on an MFA in Creative Writing. Between writing and running a business, Tyler is a husband, father, and firefighter in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.



Leo Jenkins seldom writes in the third person, when he does it's for an author bio, when he doesn't it's for Lest We Forget, On Assimilation, First Train Out of Denver, With a Pen, and war{n}pieces.

Leo Jenkins tells people he is 5'11" when it's clear to see he's an even 6. He lies about other things too, like his modesty and position as the preeminent author of the GWOT generation.

Leo Jenkins can do this all night.

Leo Jenkins is currently living and spinning 1532 kilometers per hour with his best gal and daughter. He is happy, and so am I.

David Rose is the author of dark fantasy works Mulgara and Amden Bog. His military-themed writing includes over forty articles for the OAF Nation blog, No Joy, and From Sand and Time. The latter of which won the 2018 Robert A. Gannon Award.


Brian Kimber is the host of the popular international news podcast, "World News with BK," now with over 200 weekly episodes. BK is a veteran of the USAF Pararescue(PJ) teams, and a licensed Paramedic. He has 10 years experience working as a high-threat security officer for various Federal government agencies, including the US State Department, US Department of Defense, and others. BK also holds a Bachelor's in Finance, graduating Cum Laude from the University of San Diego. In his down time, he is an avid fitness enthusiast, amateur musician, ocean enthusiast, and reader.