War & Literature: Chapter Three (VIDEO)




Dead Reckoning Collective is a multimedia publication company that emphasizes the necessity of creativity and literature in the veteran community.

Its Co-Founder, Tyler James Carroll, sits down with four veterans of the Global War on Terror that have become the most influential writers of this generation and talk about war, literature, reading and writing.


Those men are:

Marty Skovlund Jr. (Executive Editor for Coffee or Die Magazine)

-Author of Violence of Action

Graham Barnhart (Poet & PhD Student Creative Writing)

-Author of The War Makes Everyone Lonely

Leo Jenkins (Alleged Writer and Poet)

-Author of Lest We Forget, On Assimilation, First Train Out of Denver, With a Pen and war{n}pieces

David Rose (Military and Fantasy Writer)

-Author of No Joy, From Sands and Time, Mulgara, and Amden Bog


These discussions are a 5-part series that cover the topics:

  • Chapter 1: The Process
  • Chapter 2: Revision & Publication
  • Chapter 3: The Journey
  • Chapter 4: Archetypes
  • Chapter 5: Inspiration

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