Get an Advanced Copy of "THE FIRST MARAUDER"


Advanced copies are already being sent out as you're reading this! If you'd like to get your hands on this book prior to the release date, at a discounted rate, go become a member of the PB Abbate Book Club. They have the opportunity to read and discuss Luke Ryan's debut novel for the month of October.  While you're at it, tag a friend and share this post to be entered into the drawing for a free advanced copy.


Four years after an apocalyptic event known as "the Red," a 15-year-old Tyler Ballard struggles with the death of his brother following a skirmish with a neighboring town over resources. He joins the East Tampa Militia in an attempt to find vengeance, but discovers a web of circumstances that are not as simple as his fractured heart may have wished.
Tyler's journey illustrates the discovery of war and those involved in it - from the soldiers in the dirt to the politicians barking orders and pulling strings.

“The First Marauder” comes out this November. Get your hands on it before everyone else!


  • I’d like to have a copy please

  • It’d be awesome to get an advanced copy

  • Very excited to get my hands on a copy!


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