PROMPT SUBMISSION 01: Javier Rodriguez

“I’m gonna say something. Are you listening?”


Nothing is forever. Those days that burned and those cold nights didn’t last forever. Those long talks about nothing. Saying over and over again how bad I wanted out of that place. I finally left. 

Coming home to drown myself in self pity and a bottle of anything I could get my hands on, that didn’t last forever. All the apologies and broken hearts. All the disappointments and the vices that almost swallowed me. I scraped and I fell, I lost and I lost again. I ruined everything but it didn’t last forever. I didn’t let it. 

Now I sit and write this and I’m trying to find the words. It’s hard to write when you’re content. I’m in a good place and maybe it won’t last forever but right now I’m in love. In love with things and people that fixed everything broken in me. 

Sometimes it’s a good thing to not have all the words, to not have it explode out of you the way it did when everything was going wrong, when you were clawing and ripping yourself apart. Lost in your own head. 

In this moment I don’t have the words or rhythm to describe the feeling that’s racing through my heart. 

I’m just finally happy. 





Javier Rodriguez is a writer and musician from Des Moines, Iowa. After serving in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman, he settled down to concentrate on a life with his fiancé, raising 3 beautiful children. He attended a trade school after his service and currently works as a diesel mechanic.  In his spare time he plays hockey, drums for Blood Spell, and writes prose, poetry and short stories. He has an irrevocable love for his family and above all that he’s accomplished in the 34 years of his life, becoming a father has been his most cherished achievement. 



  • Very nice. I enjoyed it alot. You sound like you speak from the heart.

    Martha Bishop
  • Great job!!!

  • Loved it…Congratulations…last time I saw you was at your mom’s wedding at Reese Airforce…

    Maria Rodriguez

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