Literary Magazine Submissions for Cultural Support Team Veterans

Dead Reckoning Collective is a veteran owned and operated publishing company. We are proud to be collaborating with PenFed Foundation’s Afghan Rescue and Resettlement Campaign to bring you a limited edition magazine. A Literary Magazine (TITLE PENDING), which will feature poetry, essays, short stories, and artwork from Cultural Support Team (CST) members and their Afghan counterparts in the Female Tactical Platoons (FTP). The women of the CST and FTP components served their countries bravely throughout the Global War on Terror. 

We are excited to announce that submissions are open to all past and present CST and FTP members. To make the reading process easier on our team and make it less stressful for you, we have composed guidelines that you can use as a checklist for your submission.

Dead Reckoning Collective will only accept sub­mis­sions of pre­vi­ously unpub­lished poetry, essays, or short stories in English or translations into English. Submissions should be focused on any (or all) of the following themes: Service, Transition, and/or Sisterhood.

Deadline for submissions is 21NOV2021 23:59 (EST)

All Submissions

  • Must be submitted in the following format
    • Times New Roman
    • Size 12 font
    • Sin­gle spaced
    • All submitted work submitted in (1) PDF document.
  • Must include the writer’s name, email address, and mailing address. This information will not be shared and is only used to contact each writer. Aliases are allowed, and FTPs may use their sponsor contact info in lieu of their own information.
  • Must include brief biog­ra­phy. 2-3 sentences or approximately 50 words.
  • Email to with the subject line: CST/FTP MAG SUBMISSION

Written Submissions

  • Must not exceed: 

  • (3) poems


  • (1) essay [ 500 words max]


  • (1) short story [ 500 words max]
    • You may submit (1) essay or (1) short story in combination with (3) poems, but you may not submit both essay and short story.

Artwork Submissions

  • Must be submitted in PDF format
  • Must be submitted with the understanding that it will be printed in lower resolution black/white.
  • Art submissions must not exceed (10) pieces (one PDF page per piece)

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