MUSIC VIDEO: “Gypsy Home,” by Paul Handelman



Our brother, Paul Handelman has released a video from his new record. Paul is a former 2/75 Ranger and is a self professed “full time musician, part time rancher.” While his social media might give you the impression that cowboy stuff occupies all of his time, his latest musical effort would indicate otherwise.

The first single, “Gypsy Home” is accompanied by a music video produced by John Paul Grigsby. The song is about Paul’s journey on the road and it will hit with anyone who has lived a nomadic lifestyle, even for a short time. The song doubles as a tribute to Paul’s 4 legged best friend, Wyatt, who he recently lost. Before Wyatt’s passing, the two spent 25,000 miles on the road together, 7,733 of those taking place during the composition of Paul’s new record, “Until This Point.”

The 10 song album is available here for preorder on CD. It was produced by the almighty Kenny Miles at Fat Baby Studios in Whitesburg, Kentucky and features incredible cover art by Amarie Young of Rope & Line. Support veteran storytellers like Paul by paying for the songs and pages they’ve poured their souls and bank accounts into.

Paul is a long time friend and diehard supporter of the mission of Dead Reckoning Collective.  We were lucky enough to have him play our first event in Denton, TX this past Veteran’s Day.  Check out our previous podcast episode with Paul here.

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