NEW BOOK: Poppies, by Amy Sexauer

Dead Reckoning Collective is proud to announce the release of Amy Sexauer’s debut collection of poetry. It is a book, which details one woman's journey through war, loss, and change. It's about death, and rebirth: of people, of memories, of identity. It's about dying men and women, in love and in war and in family. It's about how grief is just another way to love; loss brings people together and frees us to love more fiercely.

A portion of the poems in this collection reflect Sexauer’s time as a member of a Cultural Support Team (CST).  CST’s are comprised of female soldiers trained to work alongside special operations forces in combat theaters with an emphasis on interpersonal communication with the local female population. This collection is Dead Reckoning Collective’s first release from a female poet just as CST’s were the first women to work alongside special operations forces in combat.

Poppies takes us on a journey as a daughter, sister, and lover of warriors. She tells us what it is like to raise a child after returning from war. It’s more than a collection of combat experience broken into stanzas; it’s a whole goddamn life in 156 pages.

Poppies is now available everywhere books are sold!



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