Now Accepting Submissions for “In Love...&WAR Volume II”

We are proud to announce that submissions are finally open for In Love & War: Volume Two.  We received countless inquiries as to whether or not Volume Two was going to happen and when we would start accepting work to be considered, so we hope you are still as excited as we are.  That being said, when submissions opened for the first book it was very informal. Without realizing just how many people had been writing or would begin writing, the response was overwhelming.  To make the process easier on our team and to make it easier on you, we have composed guidelines, which you can use as a check list for your submission.

Dead Reckoning Collective will only accept sub­mis­sions of pre­vi­ously unpub­lished poetry in English, or translations of poetry into English, for the prescribed prompts that will compose In Love & War: Volume Two.

  • Must not exceed 3 poems.
  • Must be submitted in the following format
    • Times New Roman
    • Size 12 font
    • Sin­gle spaced
    • All submitted work submitted in ONE PDF document.  If you are submitting 2 poems, they both go in the same PDF document.  If you are submitting 3 poems, all 3 will go in the same PDF document. If you submit more than ONE PDF document, only the first one will be considered.
  • Must include the poet’s name, email address, and mailing address on each page.
  • Must include brief biog­ra­phy. 2-3 sentences or approximately 50 words.
  • Send final package to
  • DEADLINE: 01JAN2020

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  • Quick question. Do we still own the rights to our work? I ask because I’d like to write my own book(s) at some point, and may want to include my submissions in those books, whether or not they make it into your collection. Thanks.


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