PROMPT SUBMISSION 02: Sarah Rossetti

"Tell a story about a time when you noticed something that no one else around you did."


It’s an early Tuesday night, no one is out drinking tonight. My boss is running around back and fourth shooting everyone he knows a text, desperately attempting to coax people into his establishment.

Lo and behold a drunken band of four stumble in, two young men and two young women. Good, I hope they each get laid. The boys smell fresh from deployment. You're damn right you read that right. There’s a smell that comes back with you from the sand box. 

They crash up to the counter, order rounds, boss jumps in and attempts to turn a party of four into a party of fifty. Good luck dude, these guys just confessed to being on the fourth day of their bender. I make note and remind myself to double check all stalls, someone is going to toss chunks tonight.

The drunk girls carry on doing what drunk girls do, teasing the boys by making out with one another and letting the boys watch, the boss gets to watch too. Good, a show always did make the time go by and now I can stop pretending to do nothing, I can sneak off for a smoke break. 

I’m standing at the end of the counter watching the events, little circus, good, people shouldn’t be afraid to let their freak flag fly.

But one of the two guys is death starring the wall, and royally fucking up one of my coasters. Every muscle is starting to go tense, knuckles start turning white around the beer that’s about to shatter in hand.

I step in front of him, toss him a cigarette, he blinks and looks down at me, a bit stunned and a bit relieved... “ you good?” I ask...

“I need a light.” He reply’s with the still stunned look. I hand him my zippo, he hands it back. “ thank you, I needed that.” He tells me. I smile and walk to tend the three other drunken souls. 


Pay attention to people around you. Little acts of kindness go a long way.


Sarah Rossetti

IG: @invader_grrr

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