Rock Eater: Belt Fed Poetry from a Marine Machine Gunner (available for pre-order)



Rock Eater is honesty and vulnerability that will make you feel inadequate about your own. It is a collection of poetry that paints a picture of the young man America needs to do its bidding, but doesn’t know what to do with once the gunfire lulls.

There is a need for the veteran narrative to represent those flourishing after their return from war and handling the cooldown from combat gracefully. What about the ones who don't? It would be a lie to say those who crumble under pressure to reintegrate don't exist.

When Mason Rodrigue returned from Syria, he was a loaded weapon without a suitable target, so naturally, the world became a machine gun range until he ran out of ammunition.

Rock Eater is the field manual to fucking up and owning it. It is a six-digit grid coordinate to rock bottom. It is a smoke session in poetic form. It is what happens when you prepare a young man to do anything he is told and then chastise him when he acts on his own.

This book is available for pre-order on Amazon now! Dead Reckoning Collective is proud to introduce the verses of Mason Rodrigue as the latest installment of GWOT veteran poetry. It will be available everywhere (fittingly) on March 31st also known as 0331.


  • Every Marine should read this. Boot or salt. No matter who you are, where you been, or how long you’ve been in. We’re all the same.

  • Would love a copy.
    Sgt Ryan 1/3 C co
    0331 guns up!

    Sean Ryan
  • Love it man, can’t wait to read it! Hopefully you mentioned your docs a couple times!

    Jeff “Doc” Mays

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